About the company

We provide complex logistics and delivery services from Central Europe to the Schengen territory.

Our company belongs to major service providers in fulfillment & logistics. We focus on the implementation of specific solutions for customers based on their specific requirements. We also provide end-to-end solutions for e-shops and demanding customers requiring complex logistics and delivery services within the transport chain from the manufacturer to the end customer. Our portfolio of services therefore contains following among others: We also focus on national delivery and forwarding: Since founding our company, our priority is to satisfy requirements of our customers, provide them with high quality logistics and delivery services and quickly react to requests and changes in processes. We strongly believe that you will appreciate the reliability and value provided by our services.


We provide fulfillment services to all countries in the European Union and worldwide. We focus on our customer specific needs and requirements and aim for providing them with high quality services.



Logispro s.r.o.
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Tel: +420 603 486 980


Logispro s.r.o.
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IČO: 06 339 271
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