Customer service, claims and WMS

Customer service and claims

In terms of our customer service and claims we provide following services:

  • Phone and email support for stored and delivered products
  • Technical and administrative support of the Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Notation, scanning, electronic and paper form data archiving
  • Processing storage statistics and reports and their automatic forwarding
  • Automated inventory tracking of goods and notification of their critical balance
  • Administration of refused shipments and reverse logistics
  • Administration and handling of claims

Warehouse management system (WMS)

In terms of our Warehouse management system we provide means of tracking different statistics in our web application in real time:

  • Monitoring of stock and goods
  • Incomming load overview with the number of stored products
  • Summary of residual stocks of products
  • Export of data in common formats .csv,.xls,.pdf
  • Mail notification for different events
  • Complete history and detailed information of dispatched shipments
  • Multiple options for sorting overviews of shipments
  • Ability to import orders from files in common formats like .csv, .xls
  • Regular reports on dispatched parcels


We provide fulfillment services to all countries in the European Union and worldwide. We focus on our customer specific needs and requirements and aim for providing them with high quality services.



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