Storage / Warehousing, goods handling and parcel delivery

We offer companies complex services which include warehousing, logistics and parcel delivery. We provide logistics services for a wide variety of goods. This includes storage, batch management, serial numbers and best before dates. We kindly prepare your goods for pickup, mark the goods, wrap them (pick & pack), tag them and make sure your parcels get delivered to end customers including reverse logistics.

Storage / Warehousing

Our warehouses are tempered and equiped with newest machinery and technologies.

  • Floor load: 2 t
  • Clear height: 4m
  • Pallet dimensions: EURO, non-standard
  • Maximum pallet weight: 2000 kg
  • Capacity in: 500 pallets / month
  • Capacity out: 500 pallets / month
  • Loading / Unloading possibilities: container - straight from the back, trailer - straight from the back
  • Handling unit types: Carton, Piece, Pallet

  • Goods manipulation / handling

    In terms of goods manipulation and handling we ensure following services:

    Parcel delivery

    Parcel delivery takes place on working days and includes:

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    We provide fulfillment services to all countries in the European Union and worldwide. We focus on our customer specific needs and requirements and aim for providing them with high quality services.



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